240z 5 speed swap

By Zchef85September 17, in S30 Series - z, z, z. I was wondering what parts i needed to swap a z 5 speed into my 72 z I know many people have done it before thanks for any info. If you're swapping from an existing 4-speed, just pull out the 4 speed and replace with the 5-speed. They fit just the same. And might be wise to swap the speedo gear as well. Actually that's incorrect, the throwout bearing, or more specifically the sleeve needs to match the clutch set-up being used.

If a 4-speed clutch is used, such as in a 4-speed to 5-speed swap, than if the 4-speed clutch is being left alone, the 4-speed throwout bearing sleeve needs to be used. If a 5-speed throw out bearing sleeve is used with the 4-speed clutch, the clutch won't engage properly since the 5-speed sleeve is longer than the 4-speed sleeve. Agreed, but I've found recently that the "wrong" speedo drive gear gives an accurate speedo reading, verified with a GPS system.

Although I am now wondering if my diff has been swapped to a different diff because of this. I need to get under there and check. Cant I use all 5 speed parts throw out bearing clutch on my l I'm actually in the middle of doing this swap for my z that is automatic.

240z 5 speed swap

Can someone verify that I can use a mm flywheel if the setup used to be mm? I threw away the old flywheel thinking I would get a fidanza, but instead i took a mm fly to the machine shop and had it resurfaced, lightened and balanced.

I also used the 4-speed shifter as well, to have it come up through the original shifter boot in the proper spot. Well My old shifter was for a zx. Also the drive shaft from a auto should work for a 5 speed from a ZX? Oh well I guess I got an extra one then. Yeah, I kept the ZX shaft when I pulled the tranny, just in case, got it home, compared them, they were virtually identical, the original shaft to the car was in better shape so I kept it.

So here is the question six shooter. Can you use a mm flywheel on a setup that used to be mm? Also is there that much of a disadvantage if im not running a high HP application? I can't say with absolute certainty, since I haven't tried it myself, but everything I've read on the subject would indicate that yes you can use a mm clutch and flywheel in place of the mm counterparts. As I remember it is very important to use the correct collar and the collar goes with the pressure plate not with the transmission.

I recomend you check your clutch movement right after you bolt up the trany mount and before you install anything else OK you should install the release cylinder. Quick question, I am about to aquire a t5 transmission.

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I saw somewhere that there were differences between early and late ones? What's an early one and late one? The transmission will already be out of the car when I go to pick it up, can someone post a picture of one please?

The ones on Google all look different. Replace "t5" with "71B" and most of what you wrote would fit. You're way off.

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Display as a link instead.I tried my best to get the information right and have as much information as possible from original documents and manuals by Nissan but even the original documentation sometimes contradicts itself.

Note that this chart is only about Manual transmissions :. Factory transmissions: 2. Overview: Depending on the country and year, there were different Factory Transmission options. But there are two main groups used in the Z:. Note: not all of them were ever available to the public or in the Z-cars!

1972 Datsun 240z L28ET

Transmissions according to Markets: Which transmission was available in your market? Here is an Example of the Service manual listing all B-type transmissions according to the dedicated market-model first row. Here for E. Racing gears I do not want to include a lot of information about racing cars. There were too many different setups used in the factory and private racing cars used over the years.

The RAC Rallye car gear setup at least the speeds.

Automatic to 5 Speed Transmission Conversion Kit

The Japanese sports transmission manual shows following options including the Rallye Options listed for the FS5C71B type transmission used from upwards. According to the same book, the FS5C71A type transmission was used until end of Automatic Transmission The Automatic transmission is mostly common in American markets, in most other markets the manual transmission equipped cars are the primary sold units. Most european manuals only mention the B-type automatic.

However there is evidence that an A-type transmission existed and was installed. And once i started to dig deeper, i found more information. For comparison. Differences between 5-speed A- A- and B-type s First a bit of history. To fit the L-series motor and the Z Specs, the Z-Transmission was fitted with a different clutch bell housing, longer mainshaft, tail Extension casing and one of the shift rods is different too. In this post i will not go into that topic! Transmission interchangeability 4.

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According to the source, both transmissions are within a small fraction of an Inch of each other in total length. The Transmission identification Manual See Documents belowSays that all 4- and 5-speed both A- and B-types of the Z have a total length of Line 2 is the rear end of both transmissions.

The Shifter kit is not available anymore Courtesy Nissan Information to my request in but i guess you can just bend the original stick. Also a different propeller shaft is needed. I Made a picture for comparison:. I cannot confirm above information, since both of my cars came with the early A-type 5-speed and the later Center console with the ashtray behind the stick See picture below.

Also note that the part number for the same part may be different in different markets or may have changed over the time. A lot of people refer to the collar by the transmission, but that can be misleading. Its better to go by the year.

Datsun changed the pressure plate the same time they changed the 71A to the 71B transmission.Rebuilt 5 Speed Transmission 2.

240z 5 speed swap

Clutch Master Cylinder 5. Clutch Slave Cylinder with Bolts 6.

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Clutch Line and Hose 7. Flywheel Bolts 8. Pressure Plate Bolts 9. Clutch Fork Clutch Bearing Collar Shift Boot Fork Boot Reverse Light Switch Breather Backing Plate. Description Photo is just a sample. Once they are ordered I rebuild and ship them within weeks now. These are low mileage cores that get a complete rebuild kit installed.

Rebuilt OEM 5 Speed CLOSE RATIO Transmission

Includes new bearings, syncros, gaskets and seals then a hot tank cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. We carefully inspect each transmission to make sure you receive a top quality unit.

Our licensed master builders have years of experience and make sure each unit is built correctly. We only use quality kits that we have trusted for years.

240Z: Factory Transmissions knowledge, overview, Options and Specs

This is the early ZX 5-speed with the 0. Item added to cart. California Datsun is a professional licensed Datsun Restoration Business.Photo is just a sample.

These all come out of ZX close ratio versions. Once they are ordered I rebuild and ship them within weeks as we are on back order now. These are low mileage cores that get a complete rebuild kit installed.

Includes new bearings, syncros, gaskets and seals then a hot tank cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. We carefully inspect each transmission to make sure you receive a top quality unit. Our licensed master builders have years of experience and make sure each unit is built correctly. This is the close-ratio ZX 5-speed with the 0. Item added to cart. California Datsun is a professional licensed Datsun Restoration Business. All we sell are quality new and restored parts that are sure to fit your special application.

Our goal is customer loyalty and we want your return business. Our feedback rating is one of the best and our website is listed with several customer reviews.

240z 5 speed swap

Part Search. See all for. Why use us? Shipping Special. Most small items ship free for FREE or at a low flat rate charge depending on size. Exceptions for heavy items such as transmissions, cylinder heads, headers, exhaust, brake kits, and engines.

Stay Connected.I've had it on the road now for about a year with about 5, miles of driving. I had rebuilt the 4 speed with new bearings and synchronizer rings baulk rings and everything inside looked to be in perfect condition. Although the transmission worked well, sometimes I would grind gears going into 1st and 3rd; but as long as I drove it normally without getting too aggressive shifting, everything was ok.

I built the car with an R differential from a automatic transmission car and it has the 3. Again, after replacing the bearings, baulk rings, and a few other things, it looked to be in pretty decent shape. This 5 speed was a direct bolt in swap and worked ok except I would still occasionally grind 3rd gear and the 1st and 2nd gears are too tall; pretty much eliminating any gearing advantage the 3.

I still wasn't completely happy with my transmission situation. This sounded interesting since the C transmission is a newer design and I thought it might be easier to find one in good condition. In addition, the SX 5 speed has lower 1st and 2nd gear ratios than the ZX.

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I decided to pursue this option and now that I've completed the swap successfully, I wanted to share my experience and provide more detail to the process than what has been available on the Internet up to now. What makes this swap possible is that the 71C transmission evolved from its 71A and 71B predecessors and in addition to the main shaft and counter shaft being on 71mm centers, the mid-plane bearing plate has the same shape and bolt pattern for the B and C models.

What this means is that the front bell housing of the B transmission will bolt up to the C transmission allowing a transmission for a KA engine from a SX to work with the L engine in the Z. Obviously, you need to obtain a usable FS5W71C transmission of the correct type.

Although this transmission was used in many Nissan vehicles, the most common and proven compatible variant has been from the SX, sometimes referred to as the KA 5 speed. It was built and delivered from Japan in about 4 weeks.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, searchThis article is about the gambling and statistical term. For the alternative rock band, see Odds (band). For the 1966 documentary film, see The Odds Against.

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